Witu: Ozone

Deep beneath the ocean there is life but not as we know it. Aquatic creatures that are so far removed from terrestrial life they don’t need exoskeletons and glide through the ocean unprotected.The idyllic existence of the deep blue is almost forgotten, out of mind out of sight, except for the fresh invigorating air rising from beneath to hit the shore and create the ozone. We inhale and exhale the ozone, unaware of its origin.Who were these happy creatures that distill the purest breath into the surface? 

This August Witu’s latest range Ozone will reveal the unsung creatures of the deep. Inspired by the habitats of the ocean, from the crashing waves to radioactive jellyfish, each new piece in Ozone is connected to what lies beneath. 

Murky underwater pastels and the introduction of a new sandy tactile neoprene form the tone of Witu’s latest range. Old favourites including their signature tote and backpack have been reimagined, while new species including a scalloped edged ‘Wave’ bag, shell-shaped bowler bag, exoskeleton wearable tech accessories, puff painted clothing, and even a stubbie holder designed to enjoy the coast bayside have been added to the Witu line-up. 

Similarly to the chameleon-like qualities of underwater life that have the ability to hide fromprey by taking on the form of their surroundings, each piece in Ozone will metamorphose beforeyour eyes. The iPad case transforms into a clutch, the toiletry bag into a daytime companion, while the bowler bag becomes nocturnal as the overnighter. 

Ozone will take you from the deep blue to the shore.


Words by Lisa Marie Corso


WITU ©  2014